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Growth is essential for the success of any firm.
In a global marketplace where economic conditions change, competitors launched innovation and customer become more are more demanding, companies that sale a good product but don't provide valuable service are seriously disadvantaged. 

ValuEssence is a collaborative business consulting company which supports product-based companies who want to differentiate their commercial offer by developing and implementing tailored valuable services according to their resources.

"As companies find it harder to differentiate their physical product, they turn to service differentiation." (Marketing Management - Kotler & Keller )

"On average, 40% of customers who suffer through a bad service experience stop doing business with the company." (Harvard Business Review - D. Dougherty & A. Murthy)

"Some product-based companies implemented services as key of differentiation & make significant percentage of their profit from their pre & post sales services." (Journal of Marketing - E. Fang, R. Palmatier, J-B Steenkamp)


Our Vision
Services face new realities because of new society trends, co-production, new technology and new customer status (i.e.: bêta testers) ...


Our Services
According to your activity sector, constraints and opportunity, we study, optimize, develop and implement tailored services which :
​- value the best your product(s),...
Our Partners
To provide you the best quality of work and an "End-to-End" consulting solution, we have decided to work with partners who will provide you the best expertise and realization for your projects ...