​​ValuEssence develops and implements your additional services by insuring you a tailored approach

According to your activity sector, constraints and opportunity, we study, optimize, develop and implement tailored services which :
​- value the best your product(s),
​- create a commercial customer experience,
​- add value to your commercial offer,
​- generate income and complementary profits for your organization.
ValuEssence works on the implementation of your tailored service offer

Study based on sales offers of direct / indirect actors of your market as well as the trends on the society.

Process (SOP) allowing the optimization of your operations, the control the level of the quality and the measurement of the performances.

Tangibility of your services which increases the perceived value and feeling of customers throughout the purchase experience.

Implementation and evaluation of your standards to assure the consistency of service delivery  across your network / by your partners (third parties).

ValuEssence is always with you to support your teams and create your own "culture of service"

To coordinate the integration of your service offer in all levels of your organization (national and international), we work directly with your teams (technical, marketing, sales) and your partners (third parties). ValuEssence accompanies you from start to finish by making sure of the assimilation of the "culture of service" by your organization and your partners (third parties).

On the other hand, we challenge as well your teams to finds new solutions for existing problems (think out of the box) or / and to extract new ideas which empower your services and customers.

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss with you about your project.